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The need to destroy sensitive information is not limited to companies and corporations. Smarter Shredding also provides shredding services to individuals as well. Identity theft has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. Discarding paperwork without first ensuring it has been destroyed could expose financial records, accounting information, confidential correspondence, credit data and other private information to the public. Once you dump these documents into a waste receptacle, they can freely and easily fall into someone else's hands.

Texas has one of the worse identity theft problems in the U.S.

Identity theft, loss of property, medical identity theft … even tax fraud - all the common result of throwing items away instead of properly destroying them.

Take steps to protect your personal, private data before it is too late. Call Smarter Shredding today, toll free at (844) 392-7473 or locally at (469) 801-9771 to set up your appointment. Its fast, easy and affordable.

NAID AAA Certified Smarter Shredding, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Shredding Service in Dallas, TX
Why Not Just Recycle It? Recycling alone does not establish the necessary requirements of information destruction such as:
  • how it was destroyed
  • where it was destroyed
  • who destroyed it
  • when it was destroyed
  • legal chain of custody
  • fiduciary obligations
Smarter Shredding legally destroys your documents and recycles them.
Why Shred? Protect Your Reputation Protect Yourself

State Laws

Texas Shred Law (HB 698)

Federal Laws

Check 21 EEA FACTA FERPA GLB HIPAA Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act SOX