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It's hard to miss the headlines when data breaches occur with large corporations. Financial and other private information belonging to millions of consumers can suddenly be at risk. But the cold, hard fact is that businesses of all sizes are at risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands. In fact, over half of all businesses are likely to be impacted by a data breach each year.

90% of companies experienced a security breach.

No matter your industry, your company has a need for securing and destroying confidential data, including information gathered from customers. Protecting the exposure of confidential information is critical to the future of every business. Research has shown that almost half - 45% - of all customers do not return to a business once a breach has occurred because they no longer trust that business. The result can be a tremendous drop in revenue. Add to this the fines and financial liabilities, and its easy to see why some companies file for bankruptcy following such an event.

70% of all identity theft starts with theft of personal data from a company by an employee.

In some cases, there are even legal requirements calling for the destruction of certain pieces of information. Customer data, sales results, bids, proposals, legal documents, financial statements, strategic plans, and correspondence are just a few of the many types of private paperwork handled on a regular basis. And, with the need to destroy sensitive documents like payroll paperwork, relying on employees to do the job is not a practical solution, especially when employees are most often the conduit for data breaches.

Texas has one of the worse identity theft problems in the U.S.

Smarter Shredding can help you remove this burden efficiently and effectively. Shredding services will not only help ensure your business abides by both federal and state law, but it is the smart decision to make. And, Smarter Shredding can destroy sensitive data on hard drives as well. Think of Smarter Shredding as your insurance against the risk and lost revenue of a data breach. It's just plain smart.

Call Smarter Shredding today, toll free at (844) 392-7473 or locally at (469) 801-9771. Our professionals will destroy your sensitive documents on the spot, while you oversee the process.

NAID AAA Certified Smarter Shredding, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Shredding Service in Dallas, TX
Why Not Just Recycle It? Recycling alone does not establish the necessary requirements of information destruction such as:
  • how it was destroyed
  • where it was destroyed
  • who destroyed it
  • when it was destroyed
  • legal chain of custody
  • fiduciary obligations
Smarter Shredding legally destroys your documents and recycles them.
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State Laws

Texas Shred Law (HB 698)

Federal Laws

Check 21 EEA FACTA FERPA GLB HIPAA Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act SOX