90% of companies have experienced a security breach
70% of all identity theft starts with theft of personal data from a company by an employee
45% would stop shopping at a merchant where consumers' personal information was exposed
CEO's #1 Fear? Severely Damaged Reputation from a Security Breach
Doing Nothing = Negligence. This opens the door to class action lawsuits and massive punitive damages.
It's The Law. You cannot throw away expired documents under Texas Shred Law and Federal Law. You will be publicly exposed and hit with massive audits and fines.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

Hard Drive Destruction Services are for residential, government or business customers who need to ensure complete destruction of hard drives and physical media. Hard drives can contain millions of confidential documents, and simply ‘erasing’ your hard drive does not remove the information from it. Whether your upgrading computers or closing down a branch, Smarter Shredding will come to you with an industrial shred truck and destroy all media at your location while you watch.

Erasing Hard Drives Isn’t Enough - You MUST Destroy Them

Hard Drive Destruction Our AAA Certified Machines Destroy Hard Drives Making Them Unreadable

Best For:

  • Computer upgrades, downsizing, or closings
  • Business, Government and Residential Clients

How Does It Work?

  1. We arrive at your location with a shredding truck
  2. We collect all hard drives
  3. We record all hard drive serial numbers
  4. The shredding truck destroys each hard drive at your location while you watch

Do I Need To Take The Hard Drives Out Of The Computer Casings?

It’s preferred. However, our security professionals are trained and have the tools to remove hard drives from most computers. Just let us know over the phone so that we can schedule the extra time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hard drive destruction services performed on-site?
YES! During your hard drive destruction, your media will be brought directly to our shredding truck where we’ll immediately destroy your confidential media while you watch.

How long is it going to take?
Once the serial numbers are recorded, it takes approximately 20-30 seconds per hard drive to completely destroy.

How much is it going to cost?
Cost varies on the number of hard drives you need to have destroyed. For an exact quote, call us toll free at (844) 392-7473 or complete an instant shredding quote.

How long will it take a shredding truck to get to our location?
If you’re located in the Dallas / Fort Worth areas, most destruction jobs can be scheduled and completed in 1-2 business days.

NAID AAA Certified Smarter Shredding, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Shredding Service in Dallas, TX

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